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How to cultivate more Yin energy

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

How to cultivate Yin energy ✨🤍

🌙 Yin energy is a feminine energy ruled by the moon, it is soft, slow, gentle & restorative, and invites us to be present & prioritise “being” over “doing”

At the beginning of the year it is tempting to get swept up in the more Yang energy of “doing” and hitting those new year goals, however, balance is key, and it is important to allow yourself time to slow down

Some ways you can foster Yin energy;

🧘‍♀️practicing Yin yoga

🌱 movement that doesn’t overly stress your body out and makes you feel centred, such as yoga, pilates, & long walks in nature

🙏 calming breath-work & meditation

✨ engaging in activities that bring you genuine joy ~ for me this is yoga, pilates, reading, cooking, using my infra-red sauna, playing with my kitten, spending time in nature

🕯️ creating a calming space ~ light some candles / sage and get cosy

🌸 doing something creative such as reading & journaling

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