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Well at Work

Corporate wellness classes designed with the desk worker in mind. These classes can be tailored to your bespoke needs, choose from a lunchtime re-set class, evening vinyasa, or breathwork and meditation workshop. These classes are perfect for staff wellbeing or events, and can be held either online or in person. 


Lunchtime re-set class

30 minute mindfulness workshops using breathwork techniques, meditation and yoga to relieve tension in the body. Designed with the corporate worker in mind, these classes are tailored specifically to desk workers. Can be done in work clothes in your office space, no need worry about getting changed or showering for this class.

Online or in person

Breath-work + Meditation workshops

Using breath and meditation practices to connect the mind and body, these workshops will leave you feeling connected and provide tools that you can integrate into every day life to reduce stress and improve focus.

Online or in person


Yoga Flows

1 hour Vinyasa style or Yin yoga classes in studio or in your office space. Suitable for all levels, including beginners, these yoga flows are designed to leave you feeling free, inspired and calm.

Online or in person

The Corporate Wellness Bundle

On demand wellness videos for staff well-being, access to on yoga flows, desk yoga, meditation + breath-work practices, journaling prompts and live classes


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